Membership Agreement of Avenging the Ancestors Coalition (ATAC)

In order to become a member of, and to maintain membership in, Avenging The Ancestors Coalition (hereinafter referred to as "ATAC"), I hereby agree to the following:

  1. I accept, support, and promote the interests of ATAC as set forth in its Position Paper.
  2. In my capacity as an ATAC member, I (and any business entity in which I seek or receive any income) will not solicit — directly, indirectly, publicly, or privately — any contract or income in connection with the creation or maintenance of the Slavery Memorial/President's House (hereinafter referred to as "SM/PH") project.
  3. At all public events and in connection with all print, radio, television, and internet media, I will make no statement directly or indirectly regarding such event, the SM/PH project, or ATAC unless I have been designated at the most recent meeting as an official ATAC spokesperson.
  4. In my capacity as an ATAC member, I will not publicly vilify, defame, or otherwise disparage any Black person or Black organization in connection with the SM/PH project or any other project with which ATAC is officially connected.
  5. I will make a good faith attempt to attend at least 10 of ATAC's 12 regularly scheduled monthly meetings each year.

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